Marketing Material

Are you a company that offers eBill and would like to provide information on digital invoicing for your customers?

Here you will find our marketing materials, factsheets and text templates to make your customers aware of eBill. As a company, you benefit from the advantages of eBill and thus create a positive customer experience.

You can customize the marketing materials according to your needs and use them for your communication purposes. All marketing materials are available in German, French, Italian and English.

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From the registration process to “Adding invoice issuers” though to the various eBill functions: the visual Quickguide is a step-by-step, practical guide to the eBill portal for users.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In our FAQ you will find answers to important questions about eBill and its functions. Here you will find all information compactly in one document.


Our new eBill flyer provides brief instructions on how to activate eBill. We recommend that invoice issuers send the flyer with an invoice to inform your customers that you offer eBill as a payment method. Your company logo can be attached to the flyer. Feel free to contact us if you need help with this.

Graphic modules

With our graphic modules, you can draw your customers’ attention to eBill before they even open the envelope. It is also possible to add a note directly to the invoice – so you can include all the information in one go.

Text modules

Our eBill text modules provide you with templates that you can use as you wish when communicating with your customers. From newsletters to social media posts and informative articles, it’s all here.

Other materials

In addition to the eBill logos, eBill color palette and a variety of pictograms, you will find our key visuals and ads (eye-catchers, footers, banners, etc.). These materials can be integrated and used individually. Whether on a website, in a customer magazine or as a signature – now everything can be implemented in the eBill style.

Brand Identity Guidelines

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The color profiles used are certified according to ISO 12647.

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