eBill – Payment of Digital Invoices

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eBill – issue and pay invoices digitally

Whether telephone, electricity, insurance or credit card invoices: With eBill, you no longer receive your invoices by post or email, but digitally in your online banking. This way, you receive your invoices where you pay them from.

eBill – digitally into the future

For most of us, online banking is now routine and many people have become used to settling payments at home on their computer. Companies use the possibility of no longer having to send invoices by post, but being able to do it directly by email instead, thereby saving postage and doing their bit for the environment. But as practical as this may be – we have made issuing and paying invoices even simpler: With eBill. Each electronic invoice is sent directly to your online banking account and is checked and paid by you. With a few clicks of the mouse, you have everything under control, all with the high level of security of online banking.

Consequently, the tedious and time-consuming comparison and inputting of account and invoice numbers is finally a thing of the past. No wonder that more than a million private customers and a large number of well-known companies have already chosen the simplicity, security and speed of eBill. Join them now – privately or as a company.

eBill – your benefits


No typing in or scanning of payment slips. No errors. Reliable payment.


Only trustworthy invoices. No spam. No phishing.


Pay invoices on time. With one click. Or automatically – to save even more time.

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