Practical Functions of eBill

Thanks to these useful features, eBill is even easier, faster and more convenient. With our new videos we explain step by step how you can activate the different functions and which settings are available to you. Give it a try!

Add invoice issuers automatically

Invoice issuers from whom you wish to receive invoices in the future can send you eBill invoices without prior subscription. You can see how to activate the function in the new explanatory video. 

Standing approval

With standing approvals, recurring invoices are paid automatically. However, you can make changes in the pending payments directly in your online or mobile banking up until the payment has been definitively executed.

Sharing function

If you would like to manage invoices jointly with other eBill users that you trust, the sharing function offers you this option. 

eBill Demo Portal

Take a look at the eBill Demo Portal and experience its easy operation for yourself. In just a few clicks, you can process and approve invoices. You retain full control and can keep track of everything.


From the registration process to “Adding invoice issuers” though to the various eBill functions: the visual Quickguide is a step-by-step, practical guide to the eBill portal for users.