Successfully Grow as an eBill Software Partner

By introducing the eBill infrastructure, the Swiss financial center has implemented a standardized system for electronic invoice exchange between invoice issuers and online banking users.

Expanded Offering

Expand your offering for your customers with eBill without having to be a network partner yourself.

Complete Service

Possibility to handle the complete invoicing process of your customers as a complete service.

Comprehensive Cooperation

Enter into comprehensive cooperation with network partners in order to define the overall joint offering.

eBill for Business & eBill for Business Software

Soon, eBill users who are business customers will be able to receive and pay their invoices not only via online banking but also directly in their business software. This complementary offering will enable business customers with business software to receive eBill invoices easily and quickly in the business software and then process them further. 

eBill for Business  and eBill for Business Software allows you to successfully grow as a software partner by expanding your offering and meeting the needs of different business customers!

Do You Want to Become Part of the Network?

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Useful Documents for Software Partners

Are you already operating eBill? We can help you to explain the benefits of eBill to your customers. Here you will find marketing material to include and promote eBill through your customer channels.