eBill Donations − The Digital Donation Function

eBill Donations uses the technology and infrastructure of eBill. For this reason, you can reach your donors and contributors exactly where they pay their invoices − in online banking. eBill Donations provides you with a fully digital solution for your campaigns, from submitting the request to transferring the donation to you. And all this ensuring excellent visibility and attracting attention to your donation requests.

80% Swiss Households Donate

The percentage of digital donors is constantly increasing and the potential is enormous. 

Exploit Great Potential

Relief organizations have received around 2 billion CHF in donations

2/3 is transacted via online banking

Donations are increasingly made via digital channels

Digital Ways Save Costs and Resources

With eBill, you can make significant cost savings on acquisition, printing and shipping. Moreover, you considerably optimize the ecological footprint of your organization. eBill Donations allows you to reach over 3 million people that are already used to receiving their invoices in a digital form and paying them in e-banking. Your charity campaigns will substantially benefit from it.

Switch to eBill Donations Now!

If you want to send digital donation requests to your target groups as a charity, you need the service of a network partner. They will support you in connecting to eBill infrastructure and help you with further steps after the switch.

For more information on eBill Donations, please see our factsheet.

In order for you as an NPO to inform your donors about eBill Donations, the following flyer is ideal.