eBill for Invoice Issuer

As an invoice issuer, you can offer your customers a purely digital way to pay invoices with eBill. In this way, you also reduce your workload, benefit from reliable incoming payments and retain control over the invoicing process. 

Switching to eBill is worthwhile for you and your customers. For more information, see our new factsheet.

Switch Easily to eBill Now!


Over 3 million Swiss invoice recipients currently use eBill. If you are a company that wishes to send digital invoices to your customer, you require the services of an eBill network partner. 

It's that simple:

  • Find the right network partner
  • Get in touch or compare providers
  • Start working together and implement eBill
  • Inform customers

eBill Network Partners


Our partner companies provide the necessary service for using eBill as an invoice issuer. Here you can find further information on the respective network partners.

You can use our form to contact the network partner of your choice directly. 

Abacus Research AG

Abacus-Platz 1
9300 Wittenbach

Digitise processes with your customers and suppliers with Abacus E-Business and benefit from the connection to common networks for e-documents.

Baumer AG

Alte Landstrasse 45
8546 Islikon

eBill Donations

Baumer AG is your reliable partner for innovative solutions in dialog marketing and for outsourcing integrated document processes. We invest in the most modern infrastructure in Switzerland, including digital printing. This enables us to fulfill almost every wish of our customers.

Billte AG

Soodmattenstrasse 4
8134 Adliswil

eBill Donations

Billte is a dynamic network partner offering REST APIs that cover the entire eBill ecosystem, easily integrated into any software in less than two weeks. For small enterprises, Billte provides a web/mobile application that quickly onboards them to the eBill infrastructure and connects to their bank accounts, simplifying and streamlining the entire billing and payment process.

b4value.net GmbH (TRAFFIQX® Provider)

Trippstadter Str. 122
D-67663 Kaiserslautern

All TRAFFIQX® providers support eBills. They also offer easy access to all other TRAFFIQX® services and support companies of all industries and sizes as well as government agencies in automating and digitizing paper-based document processes.

Dibito by Codeblock GmbH

Lindenrain 2
3012 Bern

eBill Donations

With Dibito from Codeblock GmbH, sending eBills becomes a simple and straightforward matter. Dibito is your flexible access to the eBill platform and digital invoicing

ePost Service Ltd

Willhelmshöhe 1
6003 Lucerne

ePost Service Ltd digitizes the invoice and document process. With our communication platform OneAPI, documents of all kinds can be transmitted to the recipient via various channels. One of these channels is eBill.

Epsitec SA

Rue de Neuchâtel 32
1400 Yverdon-les-Bains

The integration of the electronic invoice in Crésus was already implemented in 2005, when the offers were still called yellowbill and PayNet. We have decided to ensure a direct connection to the eBill platform, so that the billers working with Crésus can enjoy an automatic connection, and this at the lowest possible prices.

Interprise AG für Sozialmarketing

Hölzliwisenstrasse 5
8604 Volketswil

eBill Donations

We have been one of Switzerland's leading general contractors in the field of fundraising marketing for more than 40 years. Our clients include small and medium-sized non-profit organizations for whom we implement tailor-made fundraising campaigns.

io-market AG

Kanalstrasse 32
LI-9490 Vaduz

eBill Donations

Eliminate the need for paper or PDFs that still have to be processed manually. With io-market you digitize and automate your processes from order to invoice around your existing ERP system. Integrate all business partners in one reliable system and benefit from our 20 years of experience in the market.

MediData AG

Platz 6
6039 Root D4

Our goal: The digital networking of all participants in the Swiss healthcare system - and thus enabling efficient collaboration. With our IT solutions, we build bridges between service providers, insurers, cantons and patients.

Mikro + Repro AG

Täfernstrasse 28
5405 Baden - Dättwil

eBill Donations

Mikro + Repro AG is a full-service provider in the field of "Billing Solutions". On one hand invoices can be printed and packaged in the traditional way, on the other hand the possibilities of eBill and e-invoices (B2B) are available. 

NEXUS Schweiz AG

Kantonsstrasse 3
6246 Altishofen

NEXUS is a leading software provider in the healthcare sector throughout Europe. NEXUS offers a solution for practically every inpatient service provider, from the complete house solution in the form of an HIS or patient administration to the most varied specialist applications and industry solutions for nursing homes and Spitex organisations.

PostFinance AG

Mingerstrasse 20
3030 Bern

eBill Donations

As the largest network partner to SIX, PostFinance enables you to send your invoices as eBills directly to your private customers’ e-banking. We provide you with reliable support when implementing eBill and beyond – for example, with digital invoicing solutions for your business customers or with Paper Bill for printing and mailing your paper invoices. A one-stop shop – everything via a single interface. 

Quadient Switzerland AG (TRAFFIQX® Provider)

Hertistrasse 25
8304 Wallisellen

Were the eBill costs too high for you so far?  Or was eBill too complicated? Then Quadient is the right answer! Quadient reduces the barriers to entry for eBill participation as an invoicing party. Do away with complex processes, high project efforts or even investments in software modules.

SPS Switzerland Ltd

Pfingstweidstrasse 60b
8005 Zürich

SPS Switzerland Ltd, as a partner for payment services for billers and banks in Switzerland, offers a highly specialised infrastructure that enables you to offer your end customers smooth bill processing across all channels.

Swisscom (Schweiz) AG

Pfingstweidstrasse 51
8005 Zürich

eBill Donations

Fully digital for greater efficiency. Swisscom (Schweiz) AG - Conextrade digitizes your business processes. Whether with e-procurement or e-invoicing, Conextrade will assist you throughout the digital process chain.

UBS Switzerland AG

8098 Zürich

Whether you send 10 or 10,000 invoices, now you can save both time and money. With UBS you have a single point of contact for all your payment and invoicing needs.

Unifiedpost AG

Seefeldstrasse 69
8008 Zürich

At Unifiedpost Group, our mission is to make business easy and smart by helping organisations build strong digital connections with their customers.

The Advantages

Receive Money Punctually

The feedback from numerous companies shows that customers pay their invoices more reliably.* The payment date preset by the company for the invoices is loaded in e-banking as a suggestion.

Issue Invoices Efficiently and Securely

You create the invoices in your invoicing software and send them seamlessly as an eBill invoice to your customer's e-banking. Reliably, securely and transparently. Avoid reputational damage due to spam and phishing.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

With eBill, your customer receives and checks the invoice directly in their e-banking account and thus can pay it simply and securely. You benefit from fewer customer queries and from more reliable receipt of payments.

Are You Already Using eBill? This Is the Next Step


You have already switched to eBill and would like to send eBill invoices to your customers. eBill users must activate the desired invoice issuer in the eBill portal.

The following factsheet provides information on how eBill users can register with the invoice issuer.

Documents and Marketing Material for Invoice Issuers

Make your customers aware of the benefits of eBill. Below you will find marketing material to include and promote eBill through your customer channels. Should you require further support, please do not hesitate to contact us.