The Benefits of eBill for Financial Institutions.

Expand your financial institution’s range of services, reduce the effort for you and your customers.

Little Effort

With eBill, you can offer your customers added value with little effort – without having to bear all the development costs.

More Functions

Thanks to eBill, you provide your customers effortlessly with a portal with helpful functions, such as standing approval, personalized messages, and payment by installment.

Satisfied Customers

Reduce the effort for your customers and increase their satisfaction thanks to eBill.

Do You Also Want to Become an eBill Financial Institution, or Do You Have Questions About Marketing Activities Around eBill?

Together we further develop the eBill infrastructure and support financial institutions in their marketing activities. We are currently offering vouchers for your own eBill sweepstakes. Motivate your employees to activate eBill and add new invoice issuers, because your initiative will be rewarded.

If you would like to learn more about these opportunities, please contact us.

Documents and Marketing Material for Financial Institutions

Are you already operating eBill? We can help you to explain the benefits of eBill to your customers. Here you will find marketing material to include and promote eBill through your customer channels.