According to the latest survey results (as of June 2023) from the gfs.bern research institute, 91% of respondents who use online banking are now familiar with eBill.

According to 76% of respondents, convenience as the main advantage of eBill: Paying invoices is fast, easy and convenient. Sustainability also remains important: 69% see the reduction of paper invoices as another major advantage, and 48% see it as beneficial to the environment.

Overall, eBill users’ satisfaction has increased significantly. More than half of the users are very satisfied with eBill (rating it 9 to 10 on a scale of 1 to 10). Compared to last year’s survey, this represents an increase of 11 percentage points. So-called “power users” (people who pay five or more invoices per month with eBill) are particularly satisfied. They rate eBill 10 out of 10.