eBill has advanced significantly and plans to continue doing so in the future. For this reason, the digital invoice for Switzerland does not take a break, but it just makes a stopover: let’s take a look at the impressive figures and interesting facts about the current status of eBill.

Strong Growth

The growth in the number of users and transactions is considerable, with both curves pointing upwards. Convenience, sustainability and security are convincing — the number of eBill users has been continuously growing for years. The same can be observed for transactions, also in terms of the effective use of the service for everyday invoicing.

The number of transactions registered in May 2022 was the highest ever and amounted to 5.28 million transactions. Monthly and seasonal fluctuations are accounted for, as the invoice volume and thus payments are distributed unevenly throughout the year. The development in transactions proves that eBill is used by an increasing number of people who receive their invoices digitally, and want to pay them without paper, unnecessary bypasses and effort.

A representative study by a market research and opinion polling institute gfs.bern of March 2022 delivered strong figures: eBill has long since reached the Swiss population and is widely used. Already 89% of the Swiss aged between 18 and 65 are familiar with eBill. This high awareness level shows the relevance of the topic. It is no coincidence that “invoices” and “paying” are part of everyday life and concern every household.

Strong Partners

A variety of partners helps to drive eBill forward, ensuring that the most sustainable payment method is available around the clock for an increasing number of Swiss citizens who want to receive and settle their invoices directly using online or mobile banking.

Financial institutions establish a convenient connection between eBill services and their customers by integrating eBill into online and mobile banking. The newest access methods include Yuh and VP Bank Liechtenstein, which will offer eBill later this year. . As of today, over 101 Swiss financial institutions are connected to the eBill infrastructure and support it actively; all major banks in Switzerland as well as all cantonal banks are among them.

As many as 4,500 companies and institutions currently send their invoices in a fully digital manner via eBill. All well-known invoice issuers are already involved and each month, other representatives of various sectors join.

Autumn Brings Something New

A premiere is coming this autumn: the release of eBill Donations. Owing to this extension, eBill users receive donation requests from their organizations of choice directly in online banking and can transfer a donation in the desired amount with one click only. This way, donating becomes simple, more reliable and transparent.

eBill is being continuously developed on the solid foundations of acceptance and wide usage, striving to actively shape the future of digital invoicing and payment processes.