The eBill digital invoice is part of the process of harmonizing and digitizing Swiss payments, which is included in the Federal Chancellery’s action plan. In particular, the further expansion of the functionalities and market penetration of eBill, e.g. with the digital donation function eBill Donations and eBill for Business, remains the focus of the plan.

Digital Switzerland Strategy 

The aim of the Digital Switzerland Strategy is to ensure that the entire Swiss population benefits from a sustainable and responsible digital transformation. The authorities at all federal levels, civil society, business, science and politics are working together to achieve this goal. Switzerland consistently gives priority to digital offerings that benefit people (“digital first” approach). In line with this “digital first” approach, digital solutions are prioritized whenever possible and where it makes sense. Non-digital solutions are also available if required.

Harmonization and Digitization of Payments

The Swiss financial center will continue to drive forward the harmonization and digitization of payments in the coming years. The existing procedures, processes, formats and receipts will be continuously simplified and standardized or replaced and new ones will be introduced. The aim is to make seamless payment processes even simpler and faster in the future. In addition, the entire value creation chain, from invoicing to payment, will be digitized and automated in a sustainable manner, which will improve the processing quality, among other things.

The aim of these measures is to keep pace with market requirements and to remain competitive both nationally and internationally. The digitization of payment traffic, which is of great importance for the entire Swiss economy, makes a decisive contribution to this. Payments support all national and international business transactions and thus make a material contribution to Switzerland’s economic output.


Further information

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