Access without barriers ensures that a website or web app is accessible for people with visual, auditory, motor and cognitive limitations and complies with the required standards. "Access for all" is the independent certification authority for accessible websites and web apps in Switzerland and issued the certification of the eBill Portal in November 2020.

The test is based on the international guidelines for accessible web content produced by W3C, the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). They make specific requirements for accessibility for people with visual, auditory, motor and cognitive limitations. These requirements are objectively demonstrable and transparent. Swiss standards, such as those for public sector e-government tenders, also make the guidelines compulsory.

Certification of accessible websites and web apps is based on extensive tests in which the requirements of the WCAG are verified. Accessibility specialists with disabilities from “Access for all” are always involved in these tests. As a result, the practical accessibility of web offerings is verified using representative, assistive technologies.
We work continually on improving accessibility in the eBill Portal and are working with our partners to give everybody the best possible access to eBill. Our next step will be to make invoice PDFs accessible.

In this context, we are delighted that the eBill Portal has been given this key certificate.

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