SPS Switzerland Ltd
Pfingstweidstrasse 60b
8005 Zürich

044 208 95 00


German, English, French, Italian

Sector focus

Banks, insurance companies, health insurers, telecommunications, energy suppliers, trade, pharmaceuticals & chemicals

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SPS Switzerland Ltd, as a partner for payment services for billers and banks in Switzerland, offers a highly specialised infrastructure that enables you to offer your end customers smooth bill processing across all channels. The SPS Billing Hub simplifies the process of sending customer invoices to end customers via different channels.

In addition to the classic physical channel (invoice printing and dispatch by post), the SPS Billing Hub also offers the option of including the entire range of digital channels. In this way, invoices can be delivered via the channels requested by the customers and, depending on the dispatch channel, transformed into the correct output format.

 Every day, we automatically process over 500,000 invoices in paper form, as an e-mail via PDF or as an eBill. Our customer base includes over 200 large customers and more than 25,000 SMEs.