eBill. The Digital Invoice for Switzerland.

eBill is a SIX initiative on behalf of the Swiss financial center. Established as the digital invoicing standard, eBill enables the seamless digital payment of invoices and thus creates considerable benefits for private individuals, companies and the Swiss economy.

The Digitization of Payments in Switzerland

Payment transactions in Switzerland have an extraordinary characteristic – in hardly any other country people send, process and settle so many invoices. With more than one billion invoices per year, Switzerland holds a leading position. Given this volume, the demand for efficient processes in the form of digital solutions is becoming increasingly important. Payment transactions support all national and international business transactions and thus make a material contribution to Switzerland’s economic output. 

A Step into the Seamless Digital Future

An important contribution was made to the evolution of digital payments with the introduction of the QR-bill. QR-bill thus bridges the gap between the analogue and the digital world. eBill goes a step further, closing the final gaps and digitizing the entire value-added chain from the issue of the invoice to payment. Invoice issuers send invoices directly and securely to their customers’ online and mobile banking. They check all the information online and can approve payment of the invoice with a single click. eBill therefore consistently simplifies all processes and capitalizes entirely on the paperless, digital customer experience.

Both the QR-bill and eBill create a positive impetus for the Swiss economy, society and environment. They thus make an important contribution to Switzerland’s future competitiveness. 

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eBill Facts and Figures

≈ 3 Mio. ≈ 3 Mio.
registered users who receive, check and approve invoices via the eBill infrastructure.
95% 95%
of all Swiss financial institutions are connected to the eBill infrastructure.
0 0
cases of fraud or abuse thanks to the highest technical and organizational security standards of the eBill infrastructure.