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Did You Know, That...

...annually, nearly 1 billion invoices are sent in Switzerland! 74% are still on paper and delivered by mail.


Become a member of the eBill Community and help to save resources. Thanks to eBill’s digital processing and storage, you can save not only paper but also CO2 emissions. If 80% of invoices were paid with eBill in the future, we could save 42,041 metric tons of CO2 emissions in five years. This corresponds to about 7,000 hectares of forest or 2.9 million trees. The paper saved by 2028 could be piled up to form a tower as tall as 1,000 Eiffel Towers.

You can find more information on this topic here.

Source: Sustainability in Invoicing 2022

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Become a member of the eBill Community still today — more than 2.6 million Swiss citizens already use this practical service! As of today, more than 4,500 companies in Switzerland offer making payments with eBill. The largest Swiss invoice issuers, including insurance and telecom companies, health insurance funds, power plants and other companies are part of this group.

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